The Nazi Song

by LazyJ

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released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


LazyJ Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Nazi Song
Donald Trump's a Nazi,
Mike Pence is a Nazi,
Paul Ryan's a Nazi,
Republicans are Nazis,
Christians are all Nazis,
Conservatives are Nazis,
People with different ideas are Nazis,
Yeah people I disagree with are Nazis.

So buy yourself a pin,
So that the holocaust never happens again,
Cause the awful things Trump's done,
Are totally comparable to 1941.

Total free speech is for Nazis,
Ya hurt my feelings, you're a Nazi,
Dilute the meaning of "Nazi",
Til' everyone's a Nazi,
Hitler was a Nazi,
Himmler was a Nazi,
Heydrich was a Nazi,
Stop calling people Nazis,
You cunt.

So ball up both your fists,
And punch people who you disagree with,
Make liberals look retarded,
Making right wing martyrs,
Nice job, yeah.

My cat is a Nazi,
My grilled cheese is a Nazi,
Pewdiepie's a Nazi,
Wait, actually Neo Nazis are really Nazis.

Fuck off.